Monday, November 1, 2010

Flower Gardening Tips

One kind of gardening that is getting more popular nowadays is flower gardening. Easily, flowers can melt the hardest hearts, weaken the strongest resolve, and brighten the gloomiest mood. Who would not love to smell a beautiful flower? Mind you, this hobby is not for women only, but for men as well.

What makes flower gardening famous is that it is very simple, economical, and fun. Moreover, this can be a hobby as well as an occupation or both. You may enjoy your flowers and earn an extra income in the process. This past time also has therapeutic effects on the body and in the mind.

But wait! Sit back first and finish reading this post for a few additional information and tips you must consider before buying your first plant. A little additional knowledge may do no harm and may save you a lot of tears and sweat.

Annuals or Perennials?

The first thing you must consider is whether you will plant annual or perennial flowers. Annuals are those flowers that live for one season and must be replanted every year; perennials are those that can survive winter and grow back in summer? To help you decide, you must ask your seeds provider which flower thrives in your climate.

Wild or organized?

You must also consider how you want your garden look like. If you want it to look like wild plants, you may mix plants with different heights, colors, and varieties. Your garden may look like meadow and it can be very charming to some people. On the other hand, you may also consider arranging your plants orderly. You may plant them according to heights, colors, and varieties.

Sprinkled or planted?

For some seeds, sprinkling them over the garden plot is enough, but for some you will need to plant them first in a nursery before transplanting them in their proper places. Usually, when the seeds are too small to plant separately, they are sprinkled. When seedlings sprout, they can be ready for transplanting. Just do not forget to water your plants right after transplanting.

Remember, maintaining a flower garden depends more on how you understand their needs and less on the color of your thumb.

"You do not need to be special to do something great; most of the time, all it takes is right information and hard work."

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