Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More Gardening Advice for Beginners

Advice on this stress-relieving hobby may come from a fellow gardener, from a catalogue dedicated to giving information on taking care of plants, from books on gardening, and of course from the Internet as you are doing right now. The advice may cover a wide range of topic, as wide as the types of garden one can start and keep. One sure thing, though, there are general tips for whatever type of garden you are maintaining.

One such advice is to place plants where they will have enough room to grow and not to overcrowd each other. You must also give them enough air, or breathing space, and enough sunlight so they can produce their own food. It will also help your plants if you will add some types of nutrients to your soil, such as mulch and compost.

Every type of plant requires different amounts of water. Of course you will not water a cactus with as much water as you will give to your tomato plant or orchids. You must also consider the climate in your area to see how much rain your plants can get from nature. Then you must adjust the amount of water you give your plants.

You must know the pH level of your soil to know which fertilizer formula to use. You must remember that plants must be fertilized not only when they were planted, but all through their lives. You may also make your own compost pit to get your organic fertilizer whenever you want. Composting does not only help your plants, it is also a good way of recycling biodegradable materials.

Care must be observed in using insecticides. Insecticides usually contain chemicals that may be harmful to both humans and plants. However, pests will always be there to invade and harm your plants. Pesticides have then become a necessity, not an option. You must therefore choose insecticides that are water-based, if there is any, and those that are easier to administer.

Even gardening experts like me still look for advice from other fellow gardeners, from catalogues, from books, and from the web, because this hobby is evolving at a very fast rate, and the plants as well as their needs are constantly changing, together with our climate. Do not be afraid to ask, for the sake of your plants.

"A humble person who seeks advise will be the wisest person in the crowd."

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