Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Coin Collecting for Amateurs

Collecting coins has benefits whether the collector is a child or an adult. For children, collecting coins is basically based on the shape and size of the coins. Adults who want to collect coins are more serious and consider the age of these coins. Children boasts of their collection because they look unique, whereas adults collects because of the coins’ relative value.

The challenge to this hobby is where to find rare coins. Collectors normally wait for specially minted coins, which were produced once in a while. Commemorative coins are always a good part of a collection.

However, there is more to collecting coins than merely gathering them. Handling these coins is equally important. Avoid touching the faces of the coins because fingerprints lessen the value of these metal legal tenders, especially uncirculated ones. If you will need to handle the coin hold it by its edge.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of scratching the surface of the coins. Thereby, it is important to use a velvet cloth to put your coin. If you do not have one, you can use a clean soft cloth. If the coin is of very high value, you must use surgical gloves to protect its face mask.

The next thing to consider is the cleanness of the coin. Remember this: although clean coins are good to the eyes, coin collectors are after the authenticity of the coins, rather than its cleanness. Even if you use soft and lint-free rag, it will still leave hairline scratches on the coins. This will reduce its value, so leave the coins as you got them.

However, you must not let your coins get dirtier under your care. Although you must not clean them, but still you must not let them get dirty. So storage is also an important concern in coin collecting. You must protect your coin from extreme temperatures and humidity. You must prevent the damaging effects of dust, dirt, chemicals and fingerprints. Use dehumidifying equipments to protect your coins.

Coin collecting can be a profitable hobby if you know what to do with your rare coins, whether you are a child or an adult.

"Proper care is important to things we value in life."

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