Monday, November 8, 2010

Different Types of Gardening Plants

There are thousands of gardening plants available for everyone who will engage in this stress-relieving hobby. However, not all of these plants can be chosen to make your garden beautiful. You must know if the plant will survive your climate and your soil type. Remember that some plants thrive in spring and summer, whereas other types of plants flourish during fall and winter.

Aside from flowering plants, which is the most common plants found in the garden (please see related post); you may also consider planting vegetables, herbs, and fruit-bearing shrubs and trees. Whatever type of garden you are planning to setup, there are a lot of plants to meet your requirements.

Vegetables, herbs, and fruit-bearing plants give an added excitement to gardening. When you know that aside from looking at your garden for stress relief, you will get something after a few months, your motivation to take care of your garden doubles. This type of plants includes spinach, lettuce, peas, squash, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, beets, onions, and carrots.

You may also consider planting some herbs and medicinal plants. As you may well know, some herbs have medicinal properties aside from enhancing the tastes of your foods. They also give exotic fragrances to your garden. Oregano is one such herbs that enhances the taste of your food and can cure coughs and colds. Moreover, you may also consider the following herbs, namely dill, basil, chives, thyme, lavender, and dill. Another advantage of planting herbs is that you can do it indoors.

Flowering plants are divided into two main categories: perennial and annual. You may choose from flowers that bloom many times in a year or flowers that give flowers only once a year. You may also look for their colors. Combining the colors and varieties of different flowering plants can make your hobby more exciting. If you want a flower garden, you may consider planting Christmas rose, Japanese anemone, rudbeckia, and cosmos.

Another option is to plant decorative grasses and shrubs. Monkey grass stands out for sidewalks. Grasses and bushes give layout to your garden especially if you want to make pathways on your gardens.

The best part is you may combine these plants to highlight one portion of your garden. Consider flowers for the main part of your garden, shrubs for sidewalks, herbs to provide nice aroma in your garden, and fruits and vegetables on the side. I know you can come out with better combination as your creativity matches your tastes and needs.

"Variety is a nice option as long as you are open to change."

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