Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Right Craft Ideas for Kids

You may be a camp director, a teacher, or a mother looking for craft ideas designed for kids’ enrichment. Maybe you are not very creative, and you are having hard times conceptualizing craft ideas. But you don’t have to worry; your creativity can still be improved, because there are certain ways to make it easier for you to find nice craft ideas for kids.

First, forget perfectionism. Think outside the box. If you will confine yourself on focusing only on a single right way to do something, you will only make your every decision harder. Regardless of the kid program you are into, there are always many suitable craft ideas to do. Do not hesitate because you might pick the wrong one. Just consider the age and skill levels of the kids involved and your choice will be right craft.

Second, consider your budget. Most kid’s craft ideas are not expensive. Prepackaged kits for making a fun foam picture frame or a craft stick cross are still affordable for few kids. However, if more kids will be doing this project, these kits may cost much. You may also consider doing almost exactly the same projects by just looking for the same craft kits components and buying the same materials in volume at discount stores. With this, you may have to do some preparations ahead of time like cutting out shapes or at least making cardboard patterns for the kids to use to cut their materials themselves. This will save you a lot of money.

Third, consider their gender. Boys are different from girls and vice versa. Do not expect boys to enjoy a girly craft. For boys, ask them to do lace-up leather billfolds, Indian artifacts, dinosaur art, and similar projects. Girls will love to do beadworks and anything that is pink or purple. For a craft idea that will perfectly suit both sexes, keep it on the boyish side. However, provide some girly materials to keep the girls enjoying, too.

Fourth, modify some ideas. You must remember that ideas spring from other ideas. You may look over some magazines or websites to get inspirations. You may reinvent some craft ideas to suit your preferences and needs. It is well said that you do not need to reinvent the wheel always. All you have to do is modify and enhance.

Fifth, stick with the basics. You do not have to change every details or instructions or create something new to make a good kid’s craft idea to be pleasing and interesting. Do not be so stiff with following instructions. Let the children express their creativity, instead of teaching them what to do. Do what they seem to be fun and appropriate. After doing so, you will gain experience every time you are doing crafts with kids. Do not be afraid to take risk in choosing the right project, after all the essence of doing crafts is simply to have fun.

“If you want to make a loved one happy, consider his qualities.”

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