Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Fitness Ideas for Moms

More and more moms these days have almost forgotten to take care of their health and body. This is mainly due to lack of time and energy to do fitness activities because of numerous house chores that they have to perform daily. In addition, with regard to their busy and stressful schedule, exercising is not included in their daily routine, unfortunately. Making them look older than their age and not in good shape.

If you are a full-time homemaker, who cannot easily find time to stick to a formal fitness routine, you can still perform certain exercises even without any fitness apparatus. Listed below are some quick and simple ideas on how to stay in good shape amidst your daily home responsibilities.

Work and Exercise with your Kids

Have fun with your kids while doing some workout routine. Put your baby in his pushchair and together with other moms and their kids, have a little trip at the park or just around the block. Brisk walking is a good cardio exercise to keep your blood circulation normal.

In addition, you can get your kids involved in tidying your kitchen, living room, and the bedrooms for at least ten minutes daily. To make this activity more interesting, you may set a timer, put music on and get everybody moving, including you, to pick up the clutters, books, toys, clothes, shoes, and other stuffs. As a challenge, you and your kids must be able to clean up all the clutters before the time runs out. This is a good simple cardio exercise for you and for your kids. Though it it may seem a simple work out, it will also contribute a lot to your physical and health well being.

If your house is only a walking distance away from school, you can walk and bring your kids to school. This may serve also as a fitness activity for you. Besides exercising, you will be able to spend quality time with them and make your child feel great and in excellent mood before entering school. Make it a daily habit, and little by little, you will realize the benefits it brings you.

Use your Time Alone

When you are alone at home, keep yourself occupied and exert physical effort by making simple house tasks. It can be as simple as climbing the stairs up and down, stretching, running to and from the house, gardening, watering the plants, laundering the clothes, washing the dishes, and cleaning up your aquarium. If you have time, you may go to the park and walk around to breathe fresh air.

Remember; take time to rest to recharge your body with enough energy that you will need to do your house chores. Have enough sleep to keep your mind and body refreshed. Moreover, eat healthy foods and diet to achieve your fitness goals. With this, you will even serve as a role model to your children to encourage them to eat and live healthy as early as now.

"You are never alone in any good intention."

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  1. I can't wait to see my children grow so I can jog with them in the morning or play badminton with them... Thanks for the advice sir