Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Collecting Coins for Every Age Group

Coin collection revolves around the age of the coins, not of the person collecting them. However, the kinds of coins being collected by different age groups differ widely according to the purpose of their collection.

Collecting coins is a very good hobby. For kids, it can be a source of enjoyment and leisure. For teenagers, it can spell fame and popularity. For adults, this hobby can be an investment, an heirloom, art, and history. However, everyone who is engaged in this hobby will attest that this brings satisfaction to the soul, no matter how young or old you are.

Child Coin Collector

As a child, you may not have much money to buy coins for your collection, so you must go with what you have and what you can find free. First you must get a box, choose a special one, where you can put your coins. Your coins may come from your own pocket, your parents’ – ask permission first, or your friends. You may also find special coins from a flea market or coin shop. Each time you travel abroad, see to it that you get every coin from that place. This way, you can fill your box with a variety of coins.

Teen Coin Collector

At your present age, you now have extra cash to spend for your collection. I suggest you secure a coin album to protect your coins, because you will be collecting more valuable coins now and your collection can be the basis of your collection when you grow older. Thereby, you may start looking from rarer coins. If you can afford, buy a magazine or a book on coin collection to give you an idea what to look for and how to protect your collection. Of course, you may visit this blog to get updated on this special hobby.

Adult Coin Collector

Because you have varied interest why you collect coins, your collection must follow your purpose. You may collect coins as a source of enjoyment and pride, as well as a source of income or money. Because of this, your hobby may require you to spend extra time looking for those rare coins. The places to look for can be the Internet, flea markets, coin shops, and even houses of friends. It is important to look for and be a member of a coin collectors’ association, local or international. Reading about coins is also necessary.

"Your age must dictate your collections and actions."

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