Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gardening Supplies to Make and to Buy

I would like to thank one of my followers, XeanAvery, for a wonderful comment, and to do as she asks, I will post at least five discussions on gardening and cover some important materials on this topic. To my visitors, please feel free to leave comments and tell me what you want to see on this blog on hobbies and fitness.

This article will discuss gardening supplies. The next posts will cover gardening plants, gardening products, gardening equipments, and gardening magazines. I am also considering discussing gardening gloves and gardening catalogues.

Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand – gardening supplies. What supplies will you need to setup your garden, whether it is indoor or outdoor? Where can you look for them? Which supplies can you make yourself?

Plants have specific need that the gardener must provide. It is like patting the head of your pets and taking them for a walk. It is similar to cleaning the pond for your fish and giving them nutritious foods to help them grow healthy. Your plants need a convenient place to grow and minerals to boost their growth.

Most supplies come in package and for particular kind of garden. You can purchase these packages from garden supplies stores. There are also packages for newly planted, currently growing, and maturing plants. Let’s take a flower garden as an example. Upon transplant, you must give them minerals for root growth. After two three weeks, you may change your fertilizers to growth boosters. When the leaves of your plants are turning darker green, it indicates that they are ready for flowering. Use flowering fertilizers.

There are supplies that you can make in your yard. You can bury biodegradable materials to make compost to enhance the minerals in your soil. You can also improvise for some equipment such as rakes and hoes. You do not need to buy rocks and stones; you can find them in your backyard. With some washing and smoothing, you can decorate your garden without spending any cent.

“The treasures you may be looking is already in your yard.”

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