Monday, November 22, 2010

Making Mural: Group Craft Idea for Children

Most craft projects were meant to be done individually. However, it is also a brilliant idea to think of a crafts that works for a group of kids working together. Making a mural craft is a good craft for engaging a group of kids to work on. By working as a group, you will be able to introduce the sense of camaraderie and cooperation among the children participating in this project. The kids will be able to share their ideas with each other and may somehow lead to good friendships.

The basic material for this group project is a freezer paper. This will serve as the huge canvass for the kids to work on. Freezer paper is about 18 inches wide, and it is very tough. One of its sides is plastic coated where foods are usually placed. However, you will be working on the other side so you can easily draw or glue something on it. Group murals can feature a number of different design elements.

You may ask the children to put their handprints or footprints on it, this might sounds good to children coz it will be a lot of fun. You can also allow them to cut out some pictures from magazines and glue it on the paper. They can also incorporate some scribbles, designs, signatures, slogans, or pictures using markers, crayons, or gel pens. You may also allow them to add some stickers. This project can be very flexible so you may put on everything you want.

When making the mural, it will be easier for the participants to stick on a single theme. The theme must be related to the interests of the young artists. For an instance, if the participants are girl scouts, you may ask them to feature pictures of camping materials. If you are teaching about dinosaurs, a dinosaur themed mural will be fine.

If you want a messy yet cute theme for fall, why not ask the kids to use their body parts to draw trees. The kids may start by using their forearms as the tree trunks. Put brown paint on their arms and ask them to lay their arms on the paper gently. Then use their hands to draw branches and their finger prints as the leaves. Try adding a few drops of dishwashing detergents to the paints so it will be easier for cleaning afterwards. In addition, ask the children to wear old clothes or smocks when making this project.

An animal theme will be quite more interesting for preschoolers. You would probably provide them with pre cutout pictures of animals and let them pick the ones they like to glue on to the mural. It is advisable to use glue sticks with small kids so it will not be too much messy. Let the children place their pictures on whatever position they want. After all, it is the process that is important in this craft. You may also tell them to use animal cookie cutters dipped in paint to stamp animal figures on the mural. Moreover, they can tape the paper on a table or on a wall so it does not move while the children work.

This craft idea is designed to build camaraderie and teamwork among participating artist. It is a good way to build a strong bonds of friendship.

“No one lives and die for his own self only; we need others to live happily.”

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