Friday, November 26, 2010

Common Mistakes in Setting up New Home Aquarium – Part One

There are common mistakes that beginning aquarium owners must avoid. Usually, the mistakes are committed because the owner does not know what he must do to keep his fishes healthy and alive and how to maintain the aquarium. With this post, let me share these common mistakes, some of which I also committed.

The first mistake of aquarium owners is overfeeding. Too much food thrown into the aquarium may kill your fishes. These unconsumed food will settle down at the bottom and when it accumulates, these excess will produce nitrates and will eventually overload the aquarium filter.

Therefore, you must understand the nutritional needs of your fish. Feed your fishes only twice a day, approximately 12 hours in between. Ask the pet store attendant about any particular food a kind of fish needs. You must also take note of how big their mouths are. Of course, you will not feed your hump heads with pellets, or your arowana with flakes. You must also take note of the nutritional content of your feeds.

The second mistake you may commit is impatience. When your aquarium arrives at your doorstep, you want to set it up at once, neglecting the important things you must do first. Before you start assembling your home aquarium, you must know what kind of aquarium setup you want to have. You can setup a salt water, freshwater, or reptile aquarium. These setups require different things.

Be patient; do not rush things. When you have decided your setup, you must also gain enough basic information about the fishes you want to keep. You must also consider the space your aquarium will require. You must also provide an electric outlet for the aerator and the lights. Also, be sure to have cover for your aquarium to prevent falling objects and dusts to pollute the water.

The third mistake you may commit is overcrowding the aquarium. Out of excitement, you may want to put so many things into your aquarium. Limit your decorations to what is really necessary. You must also consider the number of fish you will put into it, taking into account their size.

Consider how big or small is your aquarium. Allot only a tenth part of your aquarium’s volume for decorations, and do not put any decorations. Avoid plastics; go for naturals like rocks, driftwoods and live plants. The number of fish must be proportional to the aquariums volume. A five gallon tank can hold five medium-sized goldfishes or any other fish of the same size. You must also consider the size of adult fish. Although goldfishes and oscars start as fries of the same size, they grow into an adult of different sizes.

"Love is fragile; handle it with care."

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