Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Ten Tips on Stretching and Doing Workouts for Fitness Training

Training for fitness requires stretching to warm up the body and muscles. Warming up the muscles prevents accidents while doing exercises. However, there are certain precautions and guidelines you must observe to get the most out of stretching.

First, do your stretches before and after workouts. You must have heard that stretching before exercises helps you warm up your muscles to prevent injuries. However, there are only a few who realized that stretching after workouts, while the muscles are still warm, can increase the flexibility of the muscles.

Second, you will gain more flexibility if you will hold your stretching position for over one minute. Twenty seconds is enough for warm-ups, but it takes longer to help your body to become more flexible. You can avoid serious injuries while doing exercises if your body is more flexible.

Third, slowly relax your muscles after stretching. Immediately releasing your muscles from its stretched position may cause cramps or pulling on muscles and some damage on your joints. You must slowly release your muscles after every position.

Fourth, do your stretches in increasing difficulties. Start with easier positions before proceeding to harder ones. This way your muscles can adjust accordingly, and you will avoid injuries. Moreover, this also increases your muscles’ strength.

Fifth, make sure you have warmed up all your muscles, especially the neck area, before proceeding with your exercises. You can do neck stretching by placing the palm of your hand against the forehead and pushing it; do it with the side. You can also look up and hold that position for a few second, then on the right and left side, before bending your neck forward.

Sixth, stretch regularly. This will increase the range of your movements. Moreover, this will strengthen your muscles and increase your body’s flexibility.

Seventh, base your workout on your capabilities, not on others. If you can do five reps, do five reps. As your regularly workout, you will eventually increase the number of reps and the difficulty of your exercises. Increases must be done slowly.

Eighth, rest your muscles. Do not attempt to work the same muscle group for two consecutive days. Give your muscles some time to rest and regain your energy. Your muscles must grow when you rest them and when you are not working out.

Ninth, make your heart stronger by doing aerobic exercises. Aerobics are physical activities that increase the intake of oxygen. Some effective exercises are skipping rope, brisk walking and swimming.

Tenth, incorporate music to your workouts. Music may increase your intensity. You can use a music player such as mp3 or mp4 players, CD players, or light an/fm radio. Use a headset so you will not disturb other people who may not like your music.

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