Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Additional Tips on Building Backyard Fishpond

Backyard fishponds are no longer for the wealthy and affluent, neither is it strictly for adults. Even those who are not well-to-do can start digging and decorating their pond at the back of their house. All they need is a place to start their hobby and they are on their way to constructing one. Just read this post for important information on constructing your fishpond.

When deciding where to setup your pond, you must look for a site where there is enough sun, but not too much. Also, avoid constructing your fishpond under a big tree. The falling leaves may be fatal to your fishes and maintenance may be too much work for you. Remember that you are doing this as a hobby, to give you enjoyment and stress relief, not to be burdened with cleaning your pond. You must also choose an elevated place or make the place higher so that water will not overflow into your pond.

Use a bendable material such as a hose to layout your pond. If you are still not satisfied with the shape and size of the area you plan to dig, you may use spray paint for marking. This way you can imagine how your pond will look like. You must also consider the kind of fish you plan to keep as you layout your fishpond.

In the previous post, I suggested some linings for the edges of your pond. I just want to add that you can buy some preformed plastic to serve as the basin of your pond. This may cost a little more than linings, but this makes the construction easier. Also, with preformed lining, you do not need to spend much time laying out your fishpond.

After you have dug your pond, the next things to consider are the lights, plants, and other decorations that can enhance your backyard fishpond for your relaxation and enjoyment. You must take extra precautions when installing electrical lines to avoid untoward incidents. After setting up the enhancements, you must try it first to ensure they are functioning properly. Do not fail to construct a drainage system for your pond.

Clean up the area and the pond before adding water. Check your pond for leaks. If you want to put water plants, place them by the edges. Let the plants settle for a week before adding the fishes. Add your fish one at a time.

It’s now time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

“Bliss comes after a period of labor.”

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