Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crystal Clear Home Aquarium

Home aquariums must be regularly cleaned, not only to make it beautiful, but also to keep your fishes healthy. Cleaning your fish tank is the easiest and the most important task an owner can do to his aquarium. You must set your cleaning schedule every two months, but you must observe your aquarium so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

To clean up your aquarium, you must need some supplies, namely a bucket or container to keep your fish in while you clean their tank, a fish net, a towel for any inadvertent spills, a bucket or water pitcher to use when it is time to refill the tank, a strainer, and a clean sponge or rag.

Be careful when you remove your fish. Using a fish net remove the fishes one by one. Put them into the bucket with water from the tank. Using different water may stress your fishes. Place the bucket where they will not be disturbed so avoid further stress. Imagine your fishes suddenly displaced from their home.

Be sure not to drain all the water from the tank as you remove the water. Set aside about one third of the original water in the tank to balance the news water that you will add later to the aquarium. Use a small bucket or a dipper to scoop the water out and pour it into the sink, tub or toilet. Keep a dry towel ready to wipe out any spills.

If your aquarium has gravel, you must also clean them. The gravel is the dirtiest part of your fish tank. This is where the wastes and excess foods sink in. You must therefore remove the gravel totally to be cleaned. Put the gravel in a strainer and run them under very hot water, mixing them around. Once clean, set them aside and let it cool down before putting them back to the tank. Same procedure must be done to plastic decorations.

Scrubbing your aquarium walls can be tedious; you will need patience here. By the way, do not use any solution or soap to clean your tank; use hot water only. You may need to go over the wall more than once to thoroughly clean it. The algae and wastes will naturally come off after light scrubbing. Rinse the aquarium thoroughly.

You are now ready to put everything back. Put the gravel back first. Then add the original water that you set aside before adding fresh water. Put the decorations next. Let everything set in for 30 minutes before transferring back your fishes.

You may now get a chair and enjoy your home aquarium.

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