Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids' Crafts to Shoo Boredom Away

When it is raining outside and your kids do not have something to do at home, they will become bored. However, do not worry because you can transform this boring day into a fun-filled and interesting day. Bust boredom by providing your kids with crafts materials and a little help along the way.

When doing kids’ crafts, you should first prepare the basic things such as paper, crayons, safe scissors, and glue. You may provide them with different types of paper materials such as construction paper, plain typing paper, cardstock of various colors and other kinds of papers and boards. If you are in a tight budget, you may use junk mails and old magazines to come up with interesting art projects. Crayons will be nice for smaller children. However, the stores give more options to choose from such as washable dry-erase markers, watercolor pencils, and gel pens. Kids’ craft supplies may cost you, but even on a budget, you can find alternatives and other possibilities.

You may also use recycled junk and found objects as craft materials. I am referring to junks such as empty cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, cardboard from packaging, plastic containers, and even tin cans. If your kids will be using tin cans, make sure that there will be no sharp edges, because they might get hurt. To be safe, file the edges off or squeeze them flat with a pair of pliers.

Found objects include dried leaves, twigs, rocks, snakeskin and other natural items that your child may found. If you are living near a sheep farm, you can get wool scraps often found stuck onto barbed wires. Almost any items can be used in kid crafts; you just need keen eyes and creativity.

Collage making is one of the most fun and popular kid crafts of all times. Kids can glue down almost anything that they can think of. For this project, use a sturdy paper for the canvass, and let your children do their masterpiece. For an added twist, a collage can be made around a theme, like food, animals, or landscapes. You may use old magazines as source of related images, which can be cut out and glued to a background. For older children, they might wish to cut out details from magazine pictures and reassemble them in new and interesting ways. On the other hand, they can cut out interesting words and phrases from the magazines and incorporate them as well in the collage.

For smaller children, it will be fun for them to play with textures and dimension. They might enjoy gluing down pastas, beans, Popsicle sticks, leaves, and many other materials. Do not forget to give them glitters and sequins. It will be more interesting for them to work with shiny materials especially the girls.

“We already have the things that may excite us; do not let any setback pull you down.”

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