Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arts and Crafts Idea: Foam Sheet Glasses or Cell Phone Case

I am now presenting a new hobby on this blog – crafts. Crafts are good hobbies because they can be a source of additional income aside from giving enjoyment and satisfaction. Teachers can also use this idea to stir creativity among his students. You can also give this as a Christmas gift to your relatives and friends. For my first post on this topic, I will discuss foam sheet glasses case.

Here are the things that you will need for the project: a square craft foam, a plastic or a large blunt needles, and lanyard lace or thick yarn. First, cut two rectangles from the foam, each 3-1/2 inches (9 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm). With a hole puncher, make holes on three sides leaving one short end unpunched. Make each hole half an inch apart and at least quarter inch away from the edge of the craft foam. Repeat the same procedure with the other foam. The holes on both foams must be identical in position because that is where you will lace the two parts together. For small children crafters, you may ask help from adults to do the punching of holes.

You may now start to cut decorative shapes from other colors of craft foams; there are also available pre-cut foam designs in the market that you can readily use. If you have a theme in mind, say a cowboy theme, find shapes that fit well, such as a boots, cowboy hats, and stars. Let the little crafters choose what they want to put on their cases. You may also put on some beads or sequins on your project to add character and glitter.

The next step is to thread the plastic needle with a yarn or lanyard lace. Yarns can be a little easier to work with, but lanyards are shiny and attractive. You may also use a bobby pin as a safer alternative for needles. You may now start to lace the front and back of the glasses case together.

You can also turn this craft into a necklace purse. Simply attach a length of lanyard lace to each corner making a long strap. Kids will enjoy using these cases as a place to store secret notes and small objects. If they want to, they can give the glasses case to someone who wears glasses. Either way, this art project will surely be fun and enjoyable for everyone to do.

"The best gifts are those made by the giver's hands, because with the gift, the giver give a part of himself."

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