Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More on Essential Gardening Tools

Almost every gardener owns a little piece of gardening equipment. In practice, it is quite hard to put up a simple garden without even using at least a single piece of equipment. But, there are important factors to consider when buying gardening tools. First you must know the size and extent of your garden so you know what appropriate size of equipments to use. Next, pick equipments that you will be able to work with easily. Consider also the equipments’ capability of doing works quickly; after all, equipments were made to make our tasks easier. And most important, it must be within your budget.

As I have indicated in my first post on gardening tools, you do not need to own expensive or sophisticated gardening tools to be successful with your hobby. But you must own at least a piece of gardening tools for cultivation. Tools for breaking the soil can be as simple as a hand held trowel or a more high-tech power tools. Basic hand tools include shovels, spading forks, rakes, trowels, and diggers. Beginners and veteran alike must have these tools because they are relatively easy to use and do not require much strength. Other hand held tools also include a wheel cultivator, a pickaxe, and a mattock.

Compared with simple hand held tools, power tools are quite more expensive, but the results are better and faster. Power tools usually require gasoline or electricity to run. The most essential and versatile piece of gardening equipment is the tiller. Tillers will help you to easily break up the ground and get it ready for planting, chop up any debris, and help mix in fertilizer and compost. For amateur gardeners, it is impractical to invest in such equipments. You can hire someone or rent a tiller from time to time. Other examples of power tools are chippers, garden shredders, and chain saws.

You may also need pruning tools to cut off unwanted branches, and to shape up your shrubs, hedges, and small trees. Pruning shears are advisable for cutting small branches of about ¾ inch in diameter, whereas a lopping shear is used for cutting bigger branches. For hard to reach areas, say on top of a tree 15-feet high, pole pruners will make your life easier. And for more serious gardening works you may consider using heavy-duty pruning tools like a hedge shears and a pruning saw.

Plants can’t definitely live without water. Most probably, one of your daily routine is watering your plants, unless you own a cactus garden. It is a must to have a water hose so you won’t have hard times of coming back and forth while carrying heavy buckets of water. You also have an option to purchase watering accessories like sprinklers and drip irrigation hoses but that is if you are willing to shed off some of your savings.

Gardening without proper gardening tools is like a soldier without his rifle. Gone are the days when people use their bare hands in planting. It is advisable to use the appropriate tools that suit your gardening needs. Gardening equipments are good investments, it is as important as the dirt and the seeds in your garden.

“Life offers a lot of challenges, thereby you must equip yourself to withstand them, and make your life as beautiful as a garden in the process.”


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