Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photography Tips to Capture Baby Moments

Babies will remain babies only in their parents’ hearts. However, the sad reality is that they will grow and they will never become babies again. Many parents regret missing how their children grew because days and years passed too quickly. Only the memories of their innocence will remain. Wise parents will invest in having photos of their babies or shooting the pictures themselves.

Here are some tips for parents and photographers who will take baby photos as a hobby:

You must first consider the angles of the shot. I know, babies are always wrapped in rags most of the time. How can you take a good shot if the baby is all wrapped up? Easy! Take shot from different distances. You may also use longer focal length or move closer and farther from the baby. You may also opt to kneel down to get natural shots. You can also consider nursed shots because this gives a nice angle aside from the memories it will leave on print.

Second, you may also consider taking macro shots. Macro shots are those taken at zoomed view. Babies’ face have cute parts that you can shoot at. It may be the dimple, the forehead, the lips, or the ears. Even the lower parts can be a good subject of your photo hobby. Take a close shot of the baby’s hands or fingers and feet or toes. Making a collection of these shots can also be fun.

Third, you may chance on happy times. Babies are snobbish; they seldom smile. Patience is the key here, but you can endure the waiting by enjoying the baby. Try to make him laugh or smile and get your camera ready. This can be a long wait, but I assure you, the wait is worth it. There is no sweeter shot than the picture of a smiling baby.

The fourth tip I can give you is to keep shooting. With the emergence of digital cameras, shooting repeatedly can be done without wasting negatives. Remember that babies change rapidly. A week may mean many changes on the features of your subject. You must constantly take pictures, save them on your computer, and get ready to take shots again. This way, you can be sure your baby will have enough pictures to enjoy.

The fifth tip I can give you is trying black and white photos. This type of picture shields small blemishes on the baby’s skin. Small birthmarks, blotches, and scratches will not be visible with black and white photos. Black and white also soften the shots; you may also use black and white background for effects.

"Even babies leave memories."

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