Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Essential Gardening Tools to Keep Your Plants Healthy

Basically, plants need sunlight, water and soil to grow and survive, but these essential elements are not enough to ensure the health of your plants. Fertilizers, insecticides and greenhouses greatly affect the health and color of your plants. Furthermore, gardening tools can also spell your success in gardening, although not directly. It is thereby imperative that you choose the right tools for your garden.

Low-quality gardening tools may hurt your plants or even destroy them completely. Standard tools may cost you more than substandard one, but the small additional amount of money may be the life and death of your plants. Here are the important tools you must purchase to help you take care of your garden.

Lawnmower. As I want to give you brand names, let me reserve that for future posts. For now, let me give you the qualities of a good lawnmower. Your lawnmower must give a large top cover to avoid damaging overhanging plants and shrubs. You must also look for a lawnmower that does not emit pollutants.

Garden Shredders. Garden shredders are tools you may use when trimming tree branches up to 40mm thick. Look for one with high power motor and with a silent crushing system. Look also for shredder that is easy to assemble and with wheels for portability. With this tool, you can do shredding with ease.

Cultivators. Cultivator have integrated tines to smoothen compacted soil. Normally, this tool comes with a border edger. Aside from softening the soil, cultivators can also be used to clean off moss, aerating and thatching. This tools is very effective in preparing the soil before planting.

Leaf Sweepers. Sweepers are ideal for small- to medium sized lawns. With its height adjustment and collector that can hold up to 200 liters of leaves and other litters from your garden, cleaning your plots will never be as difficult as before.

Edge Trimmers. This tool is very useful in trimming the hedges to make your garden neat and clean. You can also use this tool to prune plants and small trees.

Spading Forks. When it comes to aerating and transplanting, spading forks are the best tools to use. You can also use this tool to separate perennials from grasses. Furthermore, you can also use this as manure fork, mulch, and sorting hay for smaller gardens.

Mattock. To break sticky clay soil, you will need a mattock. You can also use this to dig around medium to big trees. You can also use this as substitute for hoes and picks. There are also some models that combine pick and mattock.

“Remember that only non-living things can be used as tools; never use a person as tool to your goals.”

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