Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before Buying Home Fitness Equipment

Working out in a gym and doing group exercises outdoors regularly is an effective way to stay fit and healthy. However, going outdoors for exercise may not be convenient for most people. You may be one of them. You may want some privacy while doing your exercises or you want to save time going to and from the gym. Now, you are seriously considering building a gym in your home.

But wait, before you buy home fitness equipments, read through this post first, and you will never regret any minute you spend on this. Considering the following things you need to consider if you really want to setup a gym in your house.

First, you must identify what exactly is your goal. Do you want to have abs or biceps? Improve cardio vascular fitness or develop flexibility? The type of equipment you will buy depends on your goals. You also have an option to buy brand new equipment, which is obviously expensive, or second hand equipments where you can save as much as 70% of its original price.

Second, set a budget; buy only those you can afford. You are not forced to buy expensive equipments right away. You may start to collect small items first such as an exercise ball and dumbbells or even a good pair of shoes. If home workouts work for you, continue buying more expensive equipments.

Third, consider the space available in your home. Most gym equipments are bulky so they require more floor areas in your house. It is definitely an eyesore to see a treadmill in your kitchen or an elliptical machine in your bedroom. Such details matter, so think before you buy.

Fourth, be wary of promos. Do not be fooled by someone who promises you amazing results in very short time. For example, if you can achieve a 6-pack abs by using a machine for 3 minutes a day, 3 times a week, then how much more if you do not use any machine at all. The rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is true.

Fifth, try to shop around. Look at different stores, and see where you can have the best buy. Compare prices and do thorough research. Don’t hesitate to try a machine or let someone try it for you. After all you deserve what you pay for. You may also see online stores and discount shops.

“Don’t jump each time the bell rings; consider your options first.”

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