Sunday, October 31, 2010

Installing and Enjoying a Backyard Fishpond

Frogs, butterflies, fishes, and your whole family will definitely enjoy a backyard fishpond, so why not have one. Although you can hire professional hands to setup one in your backyard, but it is still best and more rewarding to set it up yourself. This can be a very good family project that may strengthen your bond with each other.

The size of the pond may vary as your space allows and your money affords. If you have very little space, you may consider using container or a barrel. You will definitely spend for this project and you must carefully consider the price of the materials you will use. Because prices vary from one place to another, I cannot give an estimate of the total project cost. However, I will list all the materials you will need.

I assure you, the benefits will greatly surpass the cost. The pond can be the center of your backyard activities. So, I recommend that you make your pond beautiful as much as you can with these practical tips.

First, you must place your backyard pond where you can view it from many places in your house. To help you relax better, blend it with the natural surroundings. Place it where there is enough shade from direct sunlight, but do not put it under a tree, because you need constant cleaning due to falling leaves.

Second, slightly elevate the surrounding of your pond. These will prevent excess water to get into your pond. It is best to landscape the surroundings to give it a more natural effect. Provide an electric outlet for some electrical devices you may need such as lights, filters, and water re-circulating devices.

Third, use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner to secure the edges of your pond. Use thick liner for larger ponds because the chance of collapsing is greater. You may consider the more expensive but more durable cement to hold the edges. However, if your pond is small, it is not necessary to do it; you may use plastic liner instead.

Fourth, plan your project during summer, when the soil is not too wet or frozen. Once the pond is setup, you may put water up to three fourths of its depth. Let the water sit for a two to three days before adding plants and leave them for a while to become stable. Meanwhile you may scout for some high quality fishes from the pet shops. After a week, you may now place your fish. Remember to transfer your fishes slowly. It is better to get water from the pond and slowly mix it with the water from the pet shop. Let the fishes adjust for an hour before transferring them into your pond.

Fifth, get a table and some chair, invite your family members and friends, and relax while having meaningful conversations while glancing occasionally toward your pond’s direction.

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