Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don’t Ruin Your Own Garden

The hands that dreams to make your garden beautiful are the same hands that, if not used right, will ruin your garden. The time and effort you devoted to that special spot in your front and back yards will go to waste. Worse is when repeated failures to grow beautiful plants grow weeds of disappointments in your heart. When these negative thoughts grow, you will begin to have doubts, and it is so sad to give up building something that could help your health and being.

We may not be aware but there are common mistakes that beginning gardeners commit leading to frustrations. However, this must not be the case with you. These common mistakes are very easy to detect and avoid. Being aware of these blunders solves half of your problem.

Here are the blunders:

1. Assuming that the plant is the problem. This is especially true with lawns. Some parts of your lawn may not be as green as the rest of your lawn. Every gardener experienced this at least once in their gardening lives. When this happens, try considering having your soil assessed by a professional. Another remedies include changing your watering, fertilizing, and mowing schedules. Last but not the least, consider using different ground covers like periwinkle and thyme.

2. Leaving tools around and litters unattended. You will definitely need tools to grow a beautiful garden, but these tools can also kill your plants. Make sure that your tools are properly stored in your shed after using them. Unattended tools will kill our plants and lawns as clutters do. They may block the sun that could have helped the plants grow healthier.

3. Being too proud of your garden. There is nothing wrong with considering your beautiful gardens to be our pride, joy, and therapy. However, over exposing our garden to too many people may cause disaster to our plants. Some incidents, such as children throwing pebbles to our plants and strong winds buffeting them, can be avoided by constructing a protective wall. Limit showcasing your plants to your friends who will only admire them and never do harm.

4. Thinking that one day of neglect will not affect your garden. Nothing is further from the truth. Weeds and insects may ruin your garden in a day. Because our plants are immobile, they cannot get away from harsh elements that may attack them. If you will need to get away for a few days, ask someone to look after your plants and garden.

Wrong assumptions may be fatal to your plants so you must understand their needs and take care of them.

"Weeds of discouragement and bitterness may kill your dreams, do not ever let them take root in your life, not even for a day."

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  1. Assuming our life is the garden and our personality are the plants and the weeds, the insects are the ones who destroy us to become a wonderful and beautiful garden someday, so we must build our own character by helping ourselves.