Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pursue Hobbies you are Passionate About

Following a hobby that your heart desires can give you much more than your dreams; it can revitalize your life. Knowing that you want to do and achieve something can give you much needed motivation to live on and do greater things. Though this does not mean your life will be easier or trouble-free, but it can make your life more exciting and more worthwhile.

The challenge is how to find this hobby that heats up your passion so you can relentlessly pursue it. Here are some tips you can do to get that something that can pump your adrenaline to do greater and better things.

First, be true to yourself and everyone. Do not try to be someone else; do not pursue others’ hobbies and dreams. Look for what makes you excited. What pastime do you genuinely enjoy doing? You must also consider what you consider as the most important things in your life. It is also better to be true to your physical and mental limitations. Being yourself is the first step to finding and pursuing the hobby that you will love.

Second, accept helping hands extended toward you. You are a human being; thereby, a social creature. You only have two hands, and you can only do so much. To know your passion, you must think of things you want to do with someone else. Your hobby must revolve around things that you want to share with someone – a loved one. Having someone in mind to offer your achievements to add more motivation to go on and pursue your passion.

Third, involve your senses. Human satisfaction is greatly influenced by the senses. Your taste buds give satisfaction to eating; your auditory nerves enhance your enjoyment of music. When your senses are involved in the hobby that you want to pursue, you will most likely enjoy what you are doing. So, in finding and running after your heart’s desire, use your senses and enjoy.

Fourth, enjoy yourself. Despite the tendency to get overexcited to pursue your chosen pastime, you must always see to it that you are enjoying every step of the way. Remember that you are on your journey to achieve your passion, which in the end will give you fulfillment and joy; so, you had better practice being joyful in every stages of your pursuit.

Fifth, stick to it until you get it. When you have determined your hobby, pursue it and never let it go. As in other endeavors, there will be hindrances that may stop you from going on. At times, you will experience disappointments and failures. It is part of your pursuit, an important ingredient the success of your pursuit.

Like hobbies, the pursuit of your passion can be an exciting lifelong journey to fulfillment. You will reach certain heights only to see another mountain to climb until the passion is satisfied. Enjoy your hobby to your heart’s satisfaction.

"You only have one life to live so live a fruitful life with your hobbies where you can pour out your intense passion."

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