Friday, October 29, 2010

Issues with Portrait Photography Resolved

One of the electronic gadgets that is evolving rapidly is the camera. It was only a few years ago when people are still using films to take pictures, and films needed to be developed before printing. This process required time. Now, photos can be printed in an instant. With these recent technological developments, portrait photography is now a breeze.

Before it was Polaroid, but now with the onset of digital cameras and cell phones with camera, pictures can be printed without the hassle of developing the film and printing the pictures. All you will need is a printer. You do not even need a computer because some printers are capable of reading memory cards in a digital camera or cell phone.

The remaining challenge is how to shoot and take good pictures. This creative hobby of capturing moments to immortalize the events will need practice and some good tips. Consider the following tips so you can capture the best picture you can get.

Issues with the flash. Digital cameras and high end cell phones have built-in flash bulbs so you can take shots even in the dark. The problem here is you may create red eyes on your pictures because you must be very close to the subject to get a better picture. You can do several things to avoid red eyes on your photos taken in the dark. You may find a place with ample light to reflect your flash. Also, you must make sure that there are no mirrors around that can reflect and intensify the flash. You may also cover your flash with sheen material to decrease the intensity of the light coming from the flash.

Issues with the subject. Most portraits are too serious or awkward. This is because the subject knows that his picture is being taken. Tell your subject to focus on the place not on the camera. Ask him to internalize and look as if he is looking at a particular or imaginary object behind you. You can also ask him to express an emotion through the eyes without directly looking at you. This will give a dramatic effect to your shot.

Issues with the features of your camera. Most cameras, digital or cell phone, have adjustments for brightness and contrast. You must remember that increasing brightness will result in smoother pictures, but too much brightness will blur the portrait. On the other hand, increasing the darkness will highlight lighter features of the face. Too much darkness is not good for obvious reason. You can try experimenting with the features of your camera. By the way, do not forget to read the manual to fully understand how these features will affect your shots.

Resolving these issues will greatly enhance your portrait photography skills. Mastering them will produce a professional photographer in you. Good luck and happy shooting.

"In life, we will always have issues; remember to resolve each issue in the light."

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