Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before Setting-up Your Home Aquarium

Keeping a home aquarium is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can start right away. However, without proper planning, this hobby can become a burden and stressor instead of source of calmness and relief from stress. It is important that you consider the following concerns before you set your home aquarium.

1. What type of fish do you plan to keep?

Each type of fish needs different kind of care, equipments, maintenance, conditions, space requirements, and foods. Thereby, you must decide which fish type you want to buy before making any purchase of aquarium equipments and accessories. The two main types of fish are salt-water and fresh-water fish. Under these two broad categories, you will also find more sub-categories.

2. How much do you know about the fish you will keep?

You must know the basic facts about the fish you want to keep – this is very important. You must know whether your fish loves company or not, whether they want warm or cooler water, whether they can take foods in flakes or pellets, and whether the accessories you want to put in your aquarium will help or deter the growth and health of your fish. Knowing which vitamins do your fishes need will also enhance your understanding of their needs. Moreover, no matter how cute they are when little, you must still consider how big they can grow so you can provide the right aquarium.

3. How much space will your fish and home aquarium require?

Determine the space requirement of your fish and aquarium. Survey your home if you have enough space to set up and maintain them. You must also take into consideration other things that may come with your aquarium, such as cabinets, accessories, and other enhancements. Also, take note of the space required between the fish container and the wall.

4. How much is your budget?

The amount of money you are willing to spend for your home aquarium plays a great part on deciding which kind of fish you will keep and which equipment you will buy. It also determines whether you will want to get some accessories and paraphernalia. One advice though, choose the best container your money can buy. It is cheaper to use a long-lasting container than using a trainer container before buying your permanent container.

Keeping an aquarium has been touted as one of the most therapeutic hobbies in the world. This hobby relieves stress. Moreover, some believes that certain types of fishes bring good luck to the owner. Whatever your purpose may be in setting up your home aquarium, answer first the four questions I presented here.

“Invest time and money on something good.”


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