Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fishpond Maintenance Tips

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This is my first post this year.

I will now share some important tips on maintaining your backyard fishpond. Aside from making your landscape more beautiful, a fishpond can also give a stress-relieving effect on anyone who will visit your home. Like any other hobbies, installing a fishpond is not the end in itself. It is a continuous work making you occupied, driving away any problems you may have. Just remember these tips on keeping your fishpond healthy and beautiful.

Use plastic lining. The soil at the edge of your pond may erode and kill your fishes and destroy its beauty as time passes. You need to secure the edges of your fishpond with plastic linings. Moreover, plastic lining will prevent the nutrient from the soil to intrude with your pond. All you have to clean are things that directly get into the pond and other elements that the fishes may create.

Choose the highest location. You wouldn’t want your pond to get flooded every time it rains. You also won’t like it when all the dust and trashes roll down into your fishpond. If your pond is installed on a low-level area, excess water and garbage may roll down into your pond. It will also be easier to maintain if it is situated on a higher area of your landscape.

Decorate. In my previous post, I discussed setting up a fishpond in your garden. Now, if you still do not have a garden, it is best to plant some plants around your pond. You may also put some water plants in it to prevent algae from overcrowding your fishpond. This is because these plants will absorb nutrient that may cause too much algae. This greatly decreases the difficulty of maintaining your pond. However, you still have to clean your pond from algae from time to time and must not let the water plants do this for you.

Ask for help. You may have friends who are experts on this hobby; ask for their advice. You may also search online to learn more on this pastime. Learn the best fishes to put into your pond in relation to its size, shape and depth. Learn more tips on how to take care of them and of their habitat.

Happy digging, edging, planting and maintaining. You have not yet imagined the benefits you will get from a well-maintained backyard fishpond.

“Like fishponds, life has a lot to offer us; just live right and the benefits will naturally come.”

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