Friday, December 31, 2010

Adding a Fishpond to Your Garden

Your garden will look more beautiful if you will install a fishpond beside it. Building a fishpond can greatly enhance the charm and beauty of your garden. Basically, it is easy to setup a fishpond, but there are several reminders you need to consider if you want to add a fishpond to your garden.

As you care for your garden, you must also take care of your pond. This is mainly because your garden and pond can be your family’s favorite place to spend most of your time. Your kids will surely enjoy the playing around your pond. You may also entertain your friends and guests near your backyard fishpond.

Adding a pond to your garden can be crucial, both to your plants and your fish. Neglecting the essentials in its setup may ruin what you have invested in your garden. Remember that adding a fishpond to your garden will take time and effort. Study your garden carefully before starting digging around. Choose a location that will enhance the layout of your garden.

You must remember that the spot you will dig for your pond will be permanent. Choose a central spot or the spot with the highest elevation to prevent the water from overflowing when it rains. You must also put a hedge along the edge of your pond. This way, the garden’s excess water will not go to the pond. When your pond overflows, the fishes may escape and die; the plants may also be flooded and wither.

You must also consider how big your garden is to determine the size of your pond. You must also consider which shape your pond must take. Common shapes include oval, rectangular, and bean-shape. You must also consider the type of fish that you will keep as you determine the size and shape of your pond. Also, choose a place where there is enough sunlight to keep your fishes healthy.

The work does not end with setting the fishpond. You must also maintain the beauty and functions of the pond. You will need to change water once a month to avoid pollution. Do not forget to feed your fish once or twice a day. Your family, friends and guests will enjoy staying near your pond when it is clean and beautiful.

You may not know what opportunities will come your way if you have a beautiful and clean fishpond in your garden. Business contacts may be impressed with your pond. Your children will have a better and healthier alternative to playing video and computer games. Family bonding time can be more enjoyable and fun around your fishpond.

"Invest in something worthwhile; sooner or later you will reap its fruits."

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