Friday, December 17, 2010

Framing and Composition Tips for Beginners

A common mistake that casual camera users commit is the fact that they do not look at the final image before pushing the capture button of the camera. It is a known fact that studying and setting the subject in the proper way (via the viewfinder) before capturing an image is much better compared to a point and shoots style of photography.

With the use of some methods to capture photographs, you would be able to bring out the best out of any subject. Use procedures known as framing and composition that helps in giving you the best possible outcome in a photo.

Determine the way that a camera must be hold before capturing the image. When taking a photo of a person or subject near your position, it is best to hold the camera in a vertical position to maximize the space available for the image. However, in a scenario where you are going to take a picture of a group of people, several subjects or landscape, the recommended position to capture it in a horizontal position. By doing this, you will be able to fill the image with the subject or subjects.

In photography, there is a rule known as the Rule of Thirds. Professional photographers and amateurs alike use this rule for the longest time. It has been proven very effective in bringing out the best in many photographs taken over the years. The rule is simple; you need to divide (in your mind) the image found in the viewfinder of your camera to nine areas (9 equally divided rectangular boxes).

Furthermore, it is recommended to place the main subject in the areas of the image where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. According to a study, when we are presented with and image, our eyes usually look in these areas (intersections where the lines meet). Try this method and you will notice that it is better than just placing the subject in the center of the frame.

An additional method to improve the pictures that you capture is with the use of leading lines. The process is by using an element present in the viewfinder (road or a bridge) that will be very helpful in guiding a person’s eyes to the main subject or to a position that you want people to focus on. This method will help you in many ways. Try to incorporate all of the tips and techniques and you will certainly see the improvement in your photos.

"Everyone needs to start somewhere."

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