Saturday, December 25, 2010

Types of Coin Collectors

According to a survey, close to ninety percent of the whole world’s population made coin collecting one of their hobbies at some point in their lives. Some of these people turned this hobby into a passion that gives them a certain kind of joy and accomplishment every time they add new pieces to their collection. The leisure pursuit known as coin collection has been a hobby throughout the course of human history. This kind of hobby, when taken seriously, would also take some of your time and effort.

The American Numismatic Association has organized a convention known as The World’s Fair of Money, which is one of the best places to learn and see the world’s best numismatists, most recent discoveries, rarities, and every aspect related to this particular hobby.

There are no particular rules or guidelines when it comes to this type of hobby. Some prefer collecting coins from their own country only. On the other hand, others like to collect different coins from around the world – old, new, commemorative, historical, or just the present currency in a particular country. Some people also like to add coins that have errors in it because they are considered as rare collectibles.

There are several types of coin collectors - the casual type, the passionate hobbyist type, the historical type, and the advanced coin collectors. The casual type of collector is the type that collects random coins regardless of the coin’s value and where it came from, while a passionate hobbyist collector goes beyond the casual type of collecting and makes a conscious effort to improve his collection.

Some even buy coins from dealers to add them up to their coin sets. The advanced coin collectors on the other hand are different from the two kinds of collectors earlier stated. These collectors have in them an impressive line of collections such as medals owned by an emperor from the Egypt that are several centuries old and very rare coins from earlier civilizations. Historical coin collectors are those who are more into error coins and historically relevant coins.

In conclusion, whatever type of coin collector you would be in the future, this hobby requires dedication, patience, dedication, effort, time, and at some point, money. You will feel a sense of fulfillment every time you add another piece in your collection. You may never know, it could also be an inspiring hobby for your friends or relatives to try this kind of hobby too.

“We have different approaches to the same thing; respect others’ preferences.”

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