Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Different Kinds of Cameras and their Functions

If you are planning to buy a camera, it is much better to know what kind of camera you need and learn how it works. Understanding how a particular camera works is better than just purchasing a camera randomly. There are several types of camera and they have their particular functions. You must keep in mind that it is not a given fact than when a camera is more expensive, it captures better images. It is upon the user’s way of using it and to his or her creativity. Listed below are some of the types of cameras found in the market today.

Disposable Cameras – As the name suggests, these cameras are the type that you can use and dispose afterwards. These can also take great shots depending upon the person using it. It is a great choice of camera used for parties and gatherings. However, you would not be able to alter its settings due to its limited functionality. It uses film to save images.

Compact Cameras – These cameras can fit in your pocket. They usually come with a flash, self-timer, a wide-angle lens, and a panoramic mode. Compact in weight and size, you can carry it with you easily. It is perfect for pictures of everyday life and snapshots. There are two types of compact cameras; the analog type that uses film, and the digital one that uses memory cards to store captured images.

SLRs – Single Lens Reflex Cameras, or more popularly known as SLRs, are the choice of professional and amateur photographers. The main advantage of a SLR against other cameras is its Single Lens Reflex feature that lets the viewfinder look through the detachable lens instead of the fixed lens. This will allow users with the freedom to enhance and control the results via the interchangeable lenses. With the use of a longer lens, you can make distant subjects appear closer without sacrificing the quality.

On the other hand, shorter lenses provide wider shots. Furthermore, several settings (shutter speed, aperture settings) to alter and further enhance the result are available in SLRs, functions that are unavailable in compact and disposable cameras. However, the disadvantages about SLRs are the equipments that you have to buy (they do not come cheap) and the problem of carrying it around. They also come in analog and digital models.

Medium/Large Format SLRs – These are the type of SLRs used to give you the power to capture bigger (higher resolutions) photographs. The main problem about these is their size. It is very bulky and weighs twice as much as the common SLR. Stock photographers usually use these types of SLRs.

"Life, like cameras, has a lot to offer to achieve the same benefits; it's your choice that determines how you get the benefits."

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