Friday, January 21, 2011

State Quarters as Part of your Coin Collection

Nowadays, coin collecting is becoming one of the most popular hobbies around the world and many individuals are getting into it. This kind of pastime is very fascinating plus the fact that it could also be a good way of investing. If you are intending to start a collection of your own, you may consider having State Quarters into your first coin collection.

Some of you may ask what State Quarters are. Well, here is a description about it. State Quarters (also known as the Fifty State Quarters Programs) is an act approved last 1997 and is still in effect. It is the most popular minted series of coins released in the United States. In fact, five state quarters were issued on 1998, which lasted for ten years. Every ten weeks, a quarter is released. These kinds of coins were never released in public because they were minted and were produced to cater to the coin collector’s passion for this kind of hobby.

Moreover, the act also formulated a new and distinctive approach to coin issuance. The State Quarters were issued according to the year that a state became part of the United States of America. These quarters are all minted – you can even notice George Washington’s face located at the front side of the coin while the design of a particular state is placed on the backside. These coins are different from normal coins because of the backside design. Every state has the authority to choose its own design, usually a symbol that signifies what the state represents.

However, the issuance of these coins were discontinued after 2008. This means that nowadays, coins are designed back to their original design. State Quarters are one of the coins worthy to be included to your coin collection because they are now starting to become rare. If you happen to acquire one before the program ended in 2008, you are very fortunate. These coins are considered as collector’s items and may cost a lot if you try to purchase one from another collector or dealer.

These kinds of coins will increase its value as the years pass by. However, the value of a State Quarter (or any coin) will decrease once its condition become below standards. In addition, there are also State Quarters that were manufactured with defects (error coins) that are more expensive than the normal ones, which could cost you $500.

State Quarters are very good addition to your coin collection. You can go to your local state office and ask if they still have some of those in safekeeping. If you did not found any, you can go to a coin shop and purchase one.

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