Monday, January 17, 2011

Coin Collections – How to See an Error in Coins

If you happen to be a coin collector, then looking at the details of a coin is a natural procedure that you usually do. However, recognizing errors in your coin collections is another thing. This procedure could be very exciting and profitable at the same time. This article gives you some tips on how to see an error in coins:

(You must have some tools so that you can clearly see these imperfections. You will need a magnifying glass and appropriate lighting.)

First, you must organize the coins according to its denominations. When you are tracing for mistakes in coins, you must set the coins in groups. Place pennies on the left side of your working area, the dimes, next to it, so on, and so forth. By grouping the coins, you are making it easier for your eyes to see the differences between similar coins. Use both eyes to its full potential when you are trying to look for these errors. This will allow your brain to memorize every minute detail and patterns that a coin possesses. Moreover, this will also help you perform the procedure faster.

Next, examine every lettering, detail, encryption, and feature of each coin. If you see any odd or unfamiliar section of the coin, take a note of it. Doubling, missing letters, misspelling, and other forms of mistakes are likely to be found whenever you look into these details.

Afterwards, check for the mintmark and date of issuance. By going through these marks, you will certainly have a good start of what you are looking for. These are the places where mistakes usually occur. Some of the most common errors regarding mintmarks and date are doubling, overpunching, and repunching.

Then, you must examine the portrait of the person, place, animal, or symbol that a coin possesses. Proportional errors, doubling, facial and body part errors could possibly be noticed when you use your eyes better. In addition, you could also touch the edges of every coin. Use your palm, glide through the coin, and check if there are significant differences between similar coins. When you have determined the error-laden ones from the normal ones, set them apart.

You can do these simple steps in order to determine errors in coins. Practice makes perfect. If you are able to distinguish error coins from your collection, chances are, the value of your coins will increase.

"Stay away from errors; they diminish your value."

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